How big will a diamond ring look on my finger?
Use our new interactive diamond size guide as a handy tool.
Select your preferred diamond shape and carat weight.
This handy tool provides the size of your chosen diamond.


If you click on the big circle to the left, it will open a sidebar menu.
Here you can change skin tone and diamond measurement.
Click on the diamond shape to the right of the diamond app to select the different type of diamond.
Once selected it will change the diamond shape on the hand.
You can easily change the diamond size by selecting the diamond with your cursor or finger if your using a handheld device.
This will change the diamond on the hand.
You can zoom in and out of the hand by using the + and signs on the bottom left of the app.

Diamond Size Chart

The Interactive Diamond Size Chart  tool allows you to view Diamond – Diamond Ring dimensions on the hand.
With a handy diamond size simulator to show diamond shapes and sizes.
The diamond size on finger simulator gives buyers a useful mock-up of diamond rings on the finger.
We partnered with our developer to create an interactive diamond size tool for clients across the world.
Select your diamond shape and carat weight, skin tone and zoom in and out to re-size the hand.
The following chart is a quick visual reference to some of the popular Diamond sizes.
Lookup the carat weight and measurement of Rounds, Princess cuts and Emerald cut Diamonds.
Our easy-to-use diamond size simulator helps you to visualise the size of diamond carat weights.

Best Engagement Rings For Petite Fingers

Small, thin fingers have an elegance that pairs beautifully with fine jewelry.
This lets you turn a simple ring into something really special.
You want to match up petite fingers with smaller stones and understated designs.
A simple Round Brilliant, Cushion or Princess Cut on a prong setting can look stunning, at a much cheaper price than more elaborate settings.
Extravagant or overloaded designs can easily be overbearing for slim fingers.
As such, you should take a minimalistic approach if your girlfriend falls under this category.
If you want a ring that grabs a little more attention, pavé settings pair beautifully with a slender finger.