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GC Manufacturing Jewellery (Pty) Ltd, was founded in 2003 by Gaetano Costa, General Manager & Owner of the company with the intention of creating & manufacturing unique jewellery line in its style and design.
Over the years the company has changed ways of seeing the jewellery market.

We are passionate about cultivating a more transparent, sustainable, and compassionate jewellery industry.
All our rings are hand made and passes through the strictest quality control standards.
Every minute detail right from selecting diamonds, setting quality, engraving is superior and the best in the industry.
“Simplicity” is the discipline to every aspect of our business products, processes & policies.

Housing our own workshop as well as a worldwide inventory of GIA diamonds and other laboratory certified .
We are able to “tailor” any ring to accommodate the clients requirements.
You are not limited to the range on our website.

Diamond Rings Collection

We go above and beyond the current standards to offer Conflict Free Diamonds that have been selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins.

When I moved from Italy more than two decades ago, I knew no one in the jewellery industry.
Coming from the diamond mining industry, I just fell in love with the creative process of making jewellery.
I came to realize over years that if I could bridge the gap between being creative and competitive at the same time, that I will be successful.
We have a unique ‘Outsider and Insider’ approach to the finest diamonds and diamond jewellery business.
As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, our fine rings is crafted form precious metals supplied by the most reputable and accredited refineries company in South Africa, and arrives in our distinctive, eco-friendly packaging.

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