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No two people are exactly alike, and we believe Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands should be the same. By combining the craftsmanship of fine rings with the ability to customize, we work with you to create one of a kind pieces that tell your story. Being a small local company limit the quantity of rings produced each every months, so we can devote more time to the individual order following step by step every manufacturing process.
GC Manufacturing Jewellery was launched in January 2013 as part of a rebrand of
Yes. GC Manufacturing Jewellery delivers a 100% secure shopping experience. We will never pass, transfer nor sell any of your information to any third party companies. Also for your security and peace of mind we do not keep any record of your credit card details and security information. For more information on the security of our site please read our Privacy Policy
Our rings are sold online. However, our work-shop is located at: BENMORE CENTRE in Sandton and we are available from Monday to Saturday to answer any questions you may have. Come and visit us in our work-shop to discuss directly about your order. Feel free to BOOK A CONSULTATION directly online
All of our rings are handcrafted in our work-shop at Benmore Centre - Sandton.
At this time, our order volume is too high to accept commissions for from scratch custom designs. If you are unable to find a ring you absolutely love, give us a call at: +27 11 3267919  Or email us your design at: so we can assist you.
GC Manufacturing Jewellery offers a Lifetime Warranty on every purchase. If there are any problems with the quality of your ring, we'll repair it free of charge. If you damage a piece, we are happy to repair it for a reasonable fee.
Once you find a ring design you like, you can customize it with your diamond size and metals of choice. We don’t begin crafting until a piece until you place your order.
We offer a delivery service: Delivery service for customers within the South Africa Borders  is TOTALLY FREE. Orders received from outside the borders of South Africa will be billed accordingly. Once you complete your purchase please contact us for shipping details.
Depending on your country. Each country applies different rates of Duty & VAT. The cost will be applied based on the value of your invoice.
Many of our pieces are made to order, which makes us able to customize our standard items to fit your personal preferences. For example, we can modify the center diamond shape, the finish, the precious metal.
We include a complimentary insurance appraisal with all Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands. VALUATION CERTIFICATE UPGRADE: To keep up to date with changes in the Jewellery market you need to have your items valued at least every 2 years, this service is NOT FREE and the amount of R: 350 will be charged to renew the valuation certificate. NOTE: Under request of the insurance companies in order to renew the valuation certificates, the original ring or “rings’ must be presented with a copy of the valuation certificate in our office.
Our prices are lower than on the other online stores. As you are purchasing directly from the main source we are able to pass the savings directly to you by eliminating all the traditional layers of wholesalers and retailers in the supply chain.
All the prices you see are final.
GC Manufacturing Jewellery adheres to an honest an real pricing system and does not offer false discounts or negotiation on our diamond prices. We deal ethically and are confident that we offer the lowest prices for superior quality diamonds without hidden extras.
No, we don't have a retail outlet. We produce our rings directly to order. Our office and factory are located in Benmore Centre - Sandton - South Africa. You are welcome to order directly from our office. You can book a Free Consultation with our jewellery expert, to take you from the start of the commission all of the way to the final ring
Due to the nature of our business and the fact that all designs are crafted to order and according to your requested specifications, purchased items cannot be returned and money cannot be refunded. Section 20 of the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 68 of 2008) provides for special circumstances under which goods cannot be returned. These circumstances apply to hand-made and customized goods such as tailored clothing, custom-cut curtains or carpets, personalized gadgets, or jewellery made to order, for more details about this policy please read Terms & Conditions
GC Manufacturing Jewellery does not have a retail shop in order to keep overhead to a minimum. This guarantees the best possible price in the all South Africa. All our rings are custom made to customer specifications. Therefore it is very expensive and also very risky to keep so many models for sampling.
The proportions are determined by the measurements of the main diamond. All rings are pictured with a particular main diamond size, so the proportions may vary in the case of a diamond is smaller or bigger than the one pictured. The model however will be exactly the same of ring pictured and is not affected if the measure of the main diamond change.
Yes. All of our rings comes with Lifetime Warranty. Please note the warranty is void if another jewellers resizes or modifies the piece. OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY GIVES YOU: Professional ring resizing for life. Professional ring cleaning and new plating (Every 12 Months). Free lifetime Valuation Certificate upgrade. Covers all manufacturing defects. NOTE: Every customer who has purchased one of our rings can access the annual restoration and repair service for free (CLICK HERE FOR YOUR BOOKING). All purchases made outside the Johannesburg area must be shipped at the client's expense, and we will arrange  the free annual restoration or any repairs and resize.

Your jewellery can be kept looking new if you follow a few simple guidelines: Avoid contact with bleach, soap, perfume, cosmetics, hairsprays, etc. Also, take your jewellery off at night and store it in a jewellery box with compartments that keep pieces from rubbing against each other. You can clean your gold jewellery in a bowl of warm, sudsy water with a bit of any mild liquid detergent. Brush the jewellery with a soft brush until you have created a lather around it. With the jewellery on a plastic or metal strainer, rinse off with warm water (be sure not to clean your jewellery over the drain!) Pat your jewellery dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Remember that we offer a Free Restoration Service every year, that is part of our Lifetime Warranty.

There are many factors that can affect the value of gold jewellery. Since gold is sold by weight, heavier pieces can be more costly than lighter ones. Designer jewellery also generally costs more, especially if it is a one-of-a-kind piece. Special finishes such as rhodium plating, matte or sandblasted, may also affect the cost of the piece.
Our prices do not include custom duties or other taxes which may be levied by your country. If required, these will have to be paid by yourself.
GC Manufacturing Jewellery uses industry standard alloys in all of our precious metals. 9K gold is 37.5% 14K gold is 58.5% gold and 18K gold is 75% gold. The composition of the remaining alloy varies, but yellow gold is most commonly blended with silver, copper, and zinc. Rose gold has a greater proportion of copper to give it a rosy hue. GC Manufacturing Jewellery's white gold is alloyed with palladium ONLY (along with fine silver) and plated with rhodium to brighten the white color. Platinum and palladium are both 95% pure and hypoallergenic. For both platinum and palladium, the 5% alloy is composed of other platinum group metals, ruthenium or iridium or a combination of the two, which varies from design to design.
Your Free Engraving Text will be attached to your Invoice Number. We accept a maximum of 20 characters per ring. You can only use symbols such as: Heart or Infinity. Engravings will be completed in “Script or Block” font. Many, but not all, of GC Manufacturing Jewellery’s designs can be engraved. The engraving depends on the width of the ring. The engraving is a FREE SERVICE.
PLEASE NOTE: If you request the FREE engraving service and need to resize your ring, you will be charge for the new engraving. The engraving price is fixed at R: 280 p/ring.
Yes, with our complimentary Free Engraving Service it is possible to have your fingerprint engraved. This service is only available on Men's Wedding Rings. For more information click the Fingerprint Rings page.
Our suppliers are required to source diamonds that originate from specific mine operators who follow internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards.
All our rings are measured and standardized with a new Wheatsheaf Measuring Stick. The reading is taken as center, with a tolerance of one quarter of a size. If you have your finger measured by a jeweller, always check if the size is center, leading edge or trailing edge. Please note that half-sizes are also possible. You can open the Find Your Finger Size page for a precise guide that will help you find the correct size of your finger. Don't worry in case you make a mistake most of our rings are re-sizable.  
Diamonds of all our Rings are of high quality selections. All the Diamonds from 0,30 cts have a South African Certification: GIA. DIA. EGL. IDL. We want our customers to have confidence that we are using our best efforts to both bar conflict Diamonds from our inventory and sell Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery that are “CONFLICT FREE”
Certainly NOT! All our diamonds are produced and cut in South Africa, certified by the most authoritative laboratories such as: GIA - EGL - IDL. A certification by in-house gemology experts has virtually no value.
Ye we do! Layby your Diamond Ring or Wedding Band today, It couldn’t be simpler! Leave a 10% deposit with us and pay off the balance over 6 months. Once you’ve paid in full – the ring is yours, forever! LEARN MORE ABOUT LAYBY
It’s easy to get distracted by the beauty of a diamond before and after purchasing it. But, do bear in mind, if you’re planning on buying a diamond it is extremely important to make sure you receive a diamond certificate. Here’s a few reasons why it’s important to make sure you walk away with a credible diamond certificate after purchasing a diamond: A diamond certificate is a formal document that contains a detailed description of the specific diamond. The diamond dossier or diamond grading report contains verified information about the diamond’s unique characteristics; the cut, carat weight, colour and clarity with a few additional comments in regards to the diamond’s symmetry, polish and fluorescence. Having a diamond certificate is the best way to prove your unique gemstone’s identity.


The most recognizable and credible diamond grading laboratories in the world are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). These grading laboratories are trusted by most well-known jewellers worldwide. Having a diamond certificate from the GIA or EGL, a buyer will be assured of the quality and value of the unique diamond. These diamond grading laboratories are fully independent, international organisations dedicated to upholding stringent diamond grading criteria to ensure diamonds are graded accurately and fairly according to world standards.
Yes, GC Manufacturing Jewelery is a member of the Jewelery Council of South Africa. This means you can buy with confidence, knowing your piece of jewellery has a fair market price, its components have been responsibly, ethically, and sustainably sourced, and that your satisfaction with your purchase is of great importance to the seller.


  • Conduct business and treat customers in a manner befitting the status of a Jewellery Council member at all times.
  • Ensure that every purchaser is a satisfied customer, and to render prompt and efficient service;
  • Offer service based on the highest ethical standards.
  • Maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity.
  • Earn, establish and maintain a reputation for giving value at a fair price.
  • Promote goodwill and communication between Jewellery Council members.
  • Refrain from belittling the value and/or quality of merchandise supplied by competitors/colleagues.
  • Maintain sound business relationships with suppliers in order to provide the best ultimate service to customers.
  • Submit to arbitration in case of a dispute between member and customer, or member and supplier, or member and member.
  • Avoid untruthful or misleading statements in publicity and/or advertising.
Your order will arrive in unmarked packaging to keep its contents a secret. GC Manufacturing Jewellery is not mentioned on the package. We can also ship your order to your office, a specific location to be held for pick up, or wherever you indicate. Please let us know what we can do to make sure your GC Manufacturing Jewellery order remains a surprise. Contact us for special delivery arrangements.
No, our rings are not hollow inside. Our products are solid and produced based on the metal properties selected by the customer.
Moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars. It was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, who later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He discovered microscopic particles of the gem that would eventually bear his name in Arizona, in a crater created by a meteorite that fell to Earth. He initially thought that he had discovered diamonds, but later determined that the crystals were composed of silicon carbide. Natural moissanite is incredibly rare, so moissanite available today is laboratory-created. After many years of trial and error, the particles Moissan discovered were successfully synthesized to produce what is now one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones. READ MORE ABOUT MOISSANITE
Absolutely NOT! If you order your Diamond Ring with the central stone in moissanite, all the small stones in the Halo, Side Stone, Bridal Set, Three Stone or Vintage designs, will always be real diamonds. Wedding Rings for women and men are only available in with real diamonds.
While diamonds are graded on the 4 C’s scale (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat), moissanites are graded solely on color. The cut and clarity is similar across different qualities of moissanites. At GC Manufacturing Jewellery, we offer Super Premium moissanites! Super Premium moissanites are IF / VVS Clarity, falling within the F-G range.
Moissanite - Certification
GC Manufacturing Jewellery makes every effort to get your order to you as soon as possible. Estimated number of days-to-shipment are displayed in the section of the additional information on the page of each ring.
Yes. With a sophisticated system Track & Trace equipment allows you to pinpoint exactly where your parcel is. After you complete your purchase please contact us for shipping details. When your order its completed, we will book for you our COURIER SERVICE. You will receive an e-mail notification the day your order has been shipped with a confirmation of shipment and a waybill number. This will give you the ability to track your order online until it reaches your destination. All parcels are FULLY INSURED by Jem & Jewel (Pty) Ltd. Insurance. This free service is only for customers within the South Africa Borders.
Not all. Some of the wedding bands does not require CAD design and will be produced directly by hand. You can request a free copy of your CAD file. Contact us at: and request a copy of your CAD file, use your Order Number as a reference.
Yes. To ensure our customers receive the best possible service, our new opening hours are:
  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16:00
  • Saturday: 9:00 – 12:00
  • SundayAppointment Only
Alternatively Contact: 0113267919 to make an appointment.
Or 24/7