Lifetime warranty on all our Diamond Rings & Wedding Bands.
We obsess over our products and constantly strive to make them amazing.

Lifetime Warranty

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Book By Phone:
Call Us  0113267919 



This is the service we are particularly proud!
Making sure your diamond wedding rings are professionally cleaned and maintained is important for its longevity, every piece comes with complimentary cleaning and inspection service for life.
Our workshop is located onsite, this service can be completed on the spot while you wait, this means you don’t have to be without your precious ring while its being maintained and cleaned.

RING RESIZING: Certain rings, depending on their design, can be resized only 2-3 times in the ring’s lifetime.*Ring Cleaning: This maintenance service is offered to all customers who have purchased a ring from us, the service can be requested free of charge every 12 months.

VALUATION CERTIFICATE UPGRADE: To keep up to date with changes in the Jewellery market you need to have your items valued at least every 2 years, this service is NOT FREE and the amount of R: 350 will be charged to renew the valuation certificate.
The update of Valuation Certificate it can only be requested by the person who made the payment.

NOTE: Under request of the insurance companies in order to renew the valuation certificates, the original diamond ring or wedding ring must be presented with a copy of the valuation certificate in our office.


You can request an appointment below choosing between the REPAIR & RESIZE and the RESTORATION.  
Select the day and time from the available dates in the calendar below.
All repairs and restorations are normally carried out the same day.

IMPORTANT: All purchases made outside the Johannesburg area must be shipped at the client’s expense, and we will arrange  the free annual restoration or any repairs and resize.
For any information do not hesitate to CONTACT US 0113267919

The free inspection and restoration service is absolutely mandatory in order to maintain the lifetime warranty, and in NO CASE can it be postponed.
At the expiry of the 12 months (only 15 days delay are allowed) each diamond ring or wedding ring (s) must be regularly inspected and restored.
If you are unable to carry out the free annual inspection and restoration service, due to sickness or other reasons, you can delegate one of your friends, acquaintance or a member of your family.
You can book the service in your name and send us the ring (s) with the person delegated by you, accompanied by a copy of your invoice.
We take no responsibility for any loss, damage, or other negligence caused by the person delegated by you.

GC Manufacturing Jewellery, does not send any notification for the expiration of the 12 months.
Please take note of the delivery (or collection) date of your ring (s) to remind to book your annual service plan.
Use your invoice number that will serve to authenticate your purchase.
All repairs and restorations are normally carried on the same day.


GC Manufacturing Jewellery (Pty) Ltd stands behind its products.

Our products are warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship, for the lifetime of the product.
The lifetime warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, improper use, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use.
If we determine that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, then we will notify you and let you know if repair services are available at cost or otherwise.
Taking proper care of your ring will increase its lifespan and preserve its beauty.
Every jewellery experts, recommend cleaning and having the setting checked for stability at least once a year.

GC Manufacturing Jewellery (Pty) Ltd will not be held responsible for lost of the main diamond.
We recommend having your diamond ring cleaned and inspected every twelve months or if it undergoes any potential trauma.
Inspections may help prevent the loss of a stone and extend the life of your ring.
This cleaning and inspection service is free of charge.

The foregoing manufacturer warranty and complimentary services are available only to the person who purchased the covered product from GC Manufacturing Jewellery (Pty) Ltd.
Maintenance, repair, sizing or other service performed by someone other than GC Manufacturing Jewellery (Pty) Ltd  will void your lifetime warranty.

Due to the nature of our business and the fact that all diamond wedding rings are crafted to order and according to your requested specifications, purchased items cannot be returned and money cannot be refunded. Section 20 of the Consumer Protection Act (Act No. 68 of 2008) provides for special circumstances under which goods cannot be returned.
These circumstances apply to hand-made and customized goods such as tailored clothing, custom-cut curtains or carpets, personalized gadgets, or jewellery made to order, for more details about this policy please read Terms & Conditions.

While your item cannot be returned for the refund we will do our best to accommodate your modification or repair and in accordance with our warranty.

Inquiries concerning this warranty should be directed via email to:

FREE ENGRAVING SERVICE: If you request the FREE engraving service and need to resize your ring, you will be charge for the new engraving.
The engraving price is fixed at R: 280 p/ring.

Things To Avoid When Wearing Your Ring

We know you ADORE your ring!
But doing certain tasks with your diamond ring on (and that really goes for any jewellery) can wear down the metal.
This can cause stones to come loose, cracks in the metals, or even worse, your diamond to fall out.
While we’re happy to repair anything that comes through our doors, we’d never want you to loose a diamond!!
A diamond ring or even a simple gold wedding band, in addition to being an investment over time, is also a piece of jewellery that can be easily damaged.
So, we thought you ladies (and gents) could use some tips on what NOT to do while wearing your rings.


It seems simple enough, and we know you want to keep from getting hit on at the gym, but…. just don’t do it!
Especially with gold, a softer metal that can wear over time, gripping hand weights, bars and even the elliptical machine can crack or even break a band.
Plus, sweat will dull your finish.
Fitness is important, but please try to remember to take your rings off before your sweat session.


House-hold cleaners and bleach are really rough on gold and precious metals.
Be sure to remove your “precious cargo” before scrubbing the grout and you should be just fine.
Rubber gloves are an alternative, just ensure your rings aren’t pressing on anything heavy, like the handle of a pan.


So many things today are all about DIY, especially for your wedding, but stow the rings somewhere safe before you get started.
The ingredients and final product of craft-time can get in between diamonds and any other tiny openings of your ring.


This is just as dangerous for your rings as working out.
Find a safe ring box to stow in your gym bag/locked locker.
No one wants to see their diamond ring fly across the floor or tennis court… or to the bottom of a lake!
Swimming is also one of the worst… the chlorine (or salt water) is SO rough on your precious piece.


If you’re moving, and you’ve already packed up the rest of your jewellery, why not add your rings to that box?
This way you’ll know where to look while you’re unpacking and you won’t have to worry about the damage that can occur while you’re trying to move the couch into the living room or getting the box spring up the stairs.


Now, we understand that laundry isn’t necessarily a heavy-duty job (for most) but we wanted to throw this in, just in case.
Be careful when loading & unloading the washing machine.
You’d be surprised how easy it is to whack your ring along the rim of the drum or scrape it down the side while reaching for the wet clothes.
You can chip your diamond this way or cause damage to your mounting, especially if you have a ring that holds your diamond up higher.
Plus, you don’t want to accidentally snag it on clothes you love while folding.


We see it all the time, especially with women who love to spend time in their flower beds.
However, the dirty truth about gardening with your ring on is that the dirt can get lodged in the smallest places and settle beneath your diamond, making the whole set look dingy and dirty.
The dirt and rocks can even scratch up the ring itself.
Wearing gardening gloves if you must, but we recommend you leave your ring in the house altogether.


In follow-up to your cleaning routine, if you moisturize your hands just out of the shower or throughout the day, be sure to take your rings off before slathering it on.
The chemicals in lotions can eat away at your gold and make your diamonds and metal look dirty, especially if you let the lotion residue sit on your rings for a long time.
It’s an easy clean by a jeweller, but because of that breakdown over time, we still recommend you take them off beforehand.


This is probably the biggest no-no!
Water, soaps and chemicals in your cleansers will break your ring down over time.
If your ring is prong-set, especially, the prongs can possibly thin out… and there is already little metal holding that beauty in place.
Plus, as with the other items we’ve already discussed, soap and hard water make your ring dirtier rather than clean.
Nobody wants to show off a ring that doesn’t sparkle beautifully!


Last, but not least, we highly recommend that you don’t sleep with your rings on.
You and your spouse could easily wake up with battle wounds.
Not to mention you can create a pretty nasty hole in the sheets if you catch the ring just right.
Putting your ring in a safe spot for the night will ensure a good night’s rest of all parties involved.