Jewellery Remodelling

We love to take older, sentimental, unwanted or inherited Jewellery and transform it into something to suit you.

Many people have inherited or unwanted Jewellery that is not their style.

The temptation is for them to sell it but this is usually the worst thing to do.

This is because 2nd hand Jewellers base their buying prices on scrap metal values even when the Jewellery is in perfectly good condition.

Often they will not even add value to the price they pay if there are gem stones in the ring! With Jewellery Remodelling, although you have to pay for the commission, the finished piece is then worth the same, if not more, than original piece.

We can give your old Treasures a second chance!

Sometimes all an old piece needs is a little tweak.

If more than that is needed, we can use the existing Precious Metal and Stones to make something that you can wear and enjoy.

Remodel Jewellery. Diamonds – old or new, they really are Forever!

Your Jewellery is in good hands!

e-mail us a picture at: of an old piece of Jewellery and even scribble a design or a picture of something you would like made.